We provide you with the opportunity to meet with each conference attendee - they're either in
your booth, with you during meals or the general session!
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Our exhibit hall is currently being built. We anticipate receiving a floor plan in
February. Booths will be assigned on a first-come, payment receipt basis.
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Insurance Certificate
All Exhibitors are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance (Acord 25).
Information will be due September 15, 2018.
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We are accepting presentation proposals.  Click here to see what topics
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Registered Attendees 2015 - 2016
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review registration information.  One company to a booth. Sorry, partners,
contractors, etc. Separate registrations will be needed.  
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Registration Complimentary
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We're happy to see you are considering Exhibiting at our conference this year. To access the registration
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Please be aware only one company to a booth.
As first time exhibitors, we
found the conference to be
extremely organized, well
attended and valuable to our
organization. While at the
conference we had a chance
to meet with key decision
makers from utility
companies to understand
some of their pain points
regarding billing, payments
and communicating with their
customers. We’re looking to
exhibit again at next year’s
First Time Exhibitor
The UPC reserves the right
to adjust Session and
Exhibit Floor Plans at
anytime without notice.